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Sewing a sampler

My kiddos are sewing their first sampler. While reading a biography about young Betsy Ross with our Beyond Five in a Row unit curriculum, we started on this sewing project this week. IMG_7641.JPGSo far, it is a hit. Pinterest provided the idea of using a gingham material for a grid to make stiching easy. I found an old shirt of hubby’s that resembled graph paper, and decided to use that. Hobby Lobby has a simple and straight-forward video of how to do a few basic stitches on YouTube, found here. We watched the video all the way through on the first day of the project, and cut and hooped the fabric. Then, we watch the clip of one stitch and then practice it, going at a rate of one new stitch per day. IMG_7642.JPGMy fourth grader’s work from the first two lessons is shown above, but even my kinder kid is working on a sampler, with a little help from Mom. I do have to help the older two thread the needles, as embroidery floss can be difficult to thread, but have left the stitching up to them. Since we are only doing one stitch lesson per day, the work is quick and frustrations are low. Not only are they using spatial and math skills to plan their stitches, but practicing fine motor skills.


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