English Language Arts

Self-Directed Reading Lists

Every year, I start with the best intents of having well researched reading lists for the girls for their daily independent reading time. I have book lists from Mensa Kids, Read Aloud Revival, The Good and the Beautiful, etc. What usually happens is about this time of year, after Christmas when we are still trying… Continue reading Self-Directed Reading Lists

English Language Arts

Using Pixar in a Box for Writer’s Workshop

Last May, I asked the kids what kinds of electives they wanted in the upcoming school year. My youngest wanted more art projects and to learn Spanish. My older two wanted to learn more about technology, coding, robotics, and writing. So, as part of exploring options for coding and technology, I checked out Khan Academy's… Continue reading Using Pixar in a Box for Writer’s Workshop

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Friday Game Day

On Fridays, we take a break from our regular curriculum in spelling and math. In spelling, we play Spelling City games at http://www.spellingcity.com. The website has free and paid-premium options, however we have always just used the free games. It is easy to add lists. In fact, at the beginning of the year, I just… Continue reading Friday Game Day

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School Day #137

Today is school day 137 of our first homeschool year. My pre-K daughter still has a little fever from the cold going through our house. My first grader is still coughing, but mainly over it. My poor second grader is coming down with it. And yet, we had school today. We had calendar time and… Continue reading School Day #137