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Apologia Chemistry Plans

(This post contains links to products in my store.)

I have been planning our high school science course for next year. Yes, I know it is only February. Yes, I know we are only 10 units through our 16 unit Apologia Biology course. I cannot help it though. For me, a new calendar year means it is time to start looking ahead to August and the new school year.

Come August, I will have a 9th and 10th grader taking Chemistry (currently my 8th and 9th graders are taking Apologia Biology together). After purchasing Apologia Chemistry 2nd edition textbooks, tests, and a solutions manual used on ebay, I started planning out the units for the year. Like my biology plans for this year, I am planning for four days a week, two weeks per unit, for a total of 32 weeks. I also added in four weeks, one each quarter, for review and quarterly tests.

This basic plan for Apologia Chemistry 2nd edition is available for purchase here at my TPT store.

Now that I have a basic plan that includes all of the reading, labs, questions, and tests included with Apologia, I’m looking to beef it up a bit to make it an honors level course.

I am interested in adding in the MicroChem that is recommended throughout the text for additional labs that go with select chapters. Crash Course Chemistry has videos are available on YouTube that I plan to add to each unit. There are a few labs stored away from my teaching days I may pull out and add in, as well. Life of Fred has a Chemistry book that I have also been considering adding in as a weekly read-aloud.

There are just so many options! The hardest part for me is scaling back all of the wonderful ideas to fit realistically into our schedule. I will be sure and do a follow up post in a few months when I have finalized our chemistry add-ons.


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