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High School exams to go along with The Good & the Beautiful History Year 1

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Once I made the decision to continue using The Good and the Beautiful History into high school, I knew I had to come up with assessments. I have posted before about the unit projects and the unit exams I created for Year 3, our current year of TG&TB History. They have been fantastic additions to round out our Year 3 study!

I recently finished work on the unit exams for History Year 1. Not only the main text, but content from the Student Explorers for grades 7-9 and 10-12 was used to create the exams.

I highly recommend going over the exams before giving them to students to mark out questions that do not correspond with the level of Student Explorer that your student used. This will also help you guide your student in note taking during instructional time and when it is time to review for the exam. A preview of one of the pages from the Year 1 Unit 1 exam is shown below.

The Year 1 Unit Projects product is also available in my TPT store, and will give your upper level student guidance in researching and producing a project based on a topic from each unit.

It is out of order, I know, but I will next begin work on compiling assessment questions based on the Year 4 topics. Since I will have a 9th and 10th grader using this curriculum next year, I will continue to use the Student Explorers for both grade ranges to guide our studies and assessments. Hopefully, this product as well as the exams for Year 2 will be available in my TPT store before the summer is over. Unit projects for Year 2 and Year 4 are already available.


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