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Tests for The Good and the Beautiful History Year 3

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Now that my oldest in a freshman in high school, I have had to step up my assessments game for history. I chose to continue with our history courses from The Good and the Beautiful for high school for the family style instruction. TG&TB History does include Student Explorers for the high school grades, however there are no assessments included with the curriculum. Being a prior high school teacher, I feel assessments, such as independent projects and exams, are important to student learning. As necessity is the mother of invention, I took the time this year to create unit projects and unit exams to go with History Year 3.

To create the unit projects, I simply went through the curriculum, including the Student Explorer pages, and made project ideas sheets for each unit. I also created a project planning sheet for my kids to keep them on track over the multiple days I gave them to research and produce their project. Even though I created this resources to assess my high school student, I assigned the projects to my elementary and middle school students as well. So far, it has worked wonderfully, and my kids have produced creative and well researched projects each quarter. These unit project idea and planning sheets are available in my store for all four years of The Good and the Beautiful History:

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

My grade 9 student also completes the additional projects assigned by the Student Explorers for grades 10-12 for each unit, so these additional unit projects that I assign make the course an honors course, in my opinion.

For exams, I created mostly short answer questions from the curriculum and Student Explorers. I also included questions on the material from the additional readings in the grade 10-12 Student Explorers. Personally, I am only using the exams with my 9th graders, however they could be used with students who utilize the grade 7-9 Student Explorers if the questions pertaining to the readings in the higher grades are crossed out. These exams are also available in my TPT store:

Year 3 Exams

So far, I have only created exams for the current year we are in, Year 3. I will be working on creating exams for the upcoming Year 4, as well as exams for the first two years. The exams will hopefully be completed and available in my TPT store by summer!


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