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Unit Projects with The Good and the Beautiful History Year 3

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We just finished Unit 3 of TG&TB History Year 3. Because my oldest is now in ninth grade and using this as her history credit, I assign unit projects as part of her grade.

To help with the process, I prepared a unit project planning sheet as well as a topic sheet for each unit with ideas for topics and projects. This item is available for all of the units in TG&TB History Year 3 in my store here.

The kids chose a topic from the sheet, or came up with their own topic based on what we studied in Unit 3. My oldest chose to do a Google Slides presentation on Samuel Morse. She wrote text and included photos in the Google Slides program and then gave an oral presentation along with her Slides presentation.

My middle school daughter made a painting inspired by the California Gold Rush using acrylics. She then talked about the different parts of her painting and what they had to do with the Gold Rush.

Gold Rush project painting

My youngest daughter, in elementary school, made a diorama inspired by the Homestead Act. She painted the interior of a shoebox and then used Playmobile and toy horses to create the scene. She also researched and read facts about the Homestead Act as part of her presentation.

Homestead Act diorama

We spent a week researching and preparing presentations, and then presented them today, on Friday. The ability to put their ideas on paper as part of the planning takes some of the stress out of getting started. I highly recommend devoting a class period just to choosing a topic and researching it prior to students starting on their presentation work, especially if they are creating a visual element such as diorama, picture, or poster. It can be hard to stop for research once the creative juices start flowing!


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