Ah, summer

It is hot. The kids have started camps. In fact, all three were at a day camp today and I had the majority of the day all to myself for the first time in over a year. I got a summer hair cut. Hubby and I went on a lunch date. I had to do a lot of driving around today to make it all happen (we have a car in the shop for much needed maintenance, so I am the kids’ and hubby’s ride today), but it felt so adult, so free, so luxurious to not be homeschool mom today. Thank you, summer, for the break you provide for moms, too.

Of course, with volunteering at VBS, getting the kids to do finish their 4-H record books by the due date, visiting Grandma, and taking care of a million little things, school stuff has been gathering dust. Two weeks ago, I posted this to-do list:

  1. Wrap up records and paperwork.
  2. Clean out bookshelves for items we are done with to sell or donate.
  3. Store completed work from last year that I am keeping.
  4. Move items to storage bookshelf that we will not be using next year.
  5. Move items that we will be using to school room bookshelf.
  6. Clean and prep room for next year.

How far have I gotten? I am glad you asked.

  1. Done. High five.
  2. Also done. I have a small stack of things left to post on ebay. Another high five.
  3. That basket of completed school work from this year? It is still sitting in my hallway in the exact same spot.
  4. I am about 50% done with moving stuff to the storage bookshelf.
  5. I have moved the math books and that is it. The rest of next year’s curriculum is still sitting in a huge stack on my bedroom floor. I do not know why I only moved the math books. One of those mom-brain mysteries.
  6. Not even started on this one. Well, I take that back. I took down the history timeline, science wall, and art gallery wall. However, I have not cleaned anything or prepped anything for next year.

Tomorrow, I will be defrosting the chest freezer and taking the kids to open bank accounts. Summer is when the things that we mean to do, but never get around to doing, actually get done. In the heat. Between camps, and haircuts, and lunch dates. In the daylight hours free of textbooks and classes, without a lesson plan in sight. Thank you, summer break, thank you.


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