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End of Year Report Cards

We wrapped up our 2020-2021 school year with my oldest kid graduating from eight grade last Friday. Even though we are not required by Texas to keep records, I do keep numerical grades for math and English language arts, as well as attendance records. My kids get a kick out of getting report cards at the end of the year to see their progress in black and white. I have used other report card formats in the past, however I made my own this year.

On the report card template, I included spaces to record grades for core classes for 2 semesters and the annual average for each. I also included a place to record attendance for each semester and total for the year. There are tables to record literature, electives and extra-curricular activities for each semester. The back cover also includes a place to write notes about the student’s progress, successes, special areas of interest, etc.

This resource is available for free in my TeachersPayTeachers store HERE. It is fully editable, so personalize it for your child with your school name, logo, student photo, or print on colored cardstock! Create a keepsake of all of your and your student’s hard work homeschooling this year.

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