The Coolest Homeschool Science Gadget Ever

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As part of our botany unit, we have been using our microscope A LOT. At one point, when we were viewing an anther from a lily covered in pollen grains, my 7th grader said what a great photo this would make. I tried to take a picture with my phone, but it did not work out so well trying to line up my phone camera with the microscope eyepiece and take the picture at the same time.

My attempt to photograph lily pollen grains with my cell phone held up to the microscope eyepiece.

After a few more lessons with microscope use, and the continuing comment about taking pictures of what we were looking at, I headed to Amazon to see if such a contraption existed that would allow us to take pictures with a cell phone. Sure enough, it does exist! And for around $20, I did not hesitate to order it. The Gosky Microsope Cell Phone Adapter turned out to be amazing! In order to use it, the eyepiece of the microscope is removed and the adapter slides into the microscope tube. The adapter has horizontal and vertical adjustments to hold and line up the cell phone camera to the adapter eyepiece. It did take a little bit to get everything lined up, but once we figured it out, the results did not disappoint.

Using the microscope cell phone adapter to view a rose petal under magnification.

We used it to view rose petals and blades of grass using the top light on our microscope, and were able to take pictures of what we saw.

We took video of microorganisms swimming around in water pipetted from the base of a planter. My kids are in love with this gadget! And, it makes microscope time easier because we can all see the image at the same time. If your lessons involve using a standard microscope, I highly recommend this inexpensive addition.


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