Botany with The Good & The Beautiful and a new flower parts iron-on

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We are a few weeks into our The Good & The Beautiful Botany unit, and I have to say it is one of my favorite units to date. We have really enjoyed the number and variety of science experiments, the microscope labs, and the read-aloud book pack with flower game that I purchased to go with it. We really loved looking at pollen on the anthers of the lily flower under the microscope. I was barely able to get a picture with my cell phone through the eyepiece, but even so, you can get the idea of how cool it was to see.

Pollen on the anther of a lily flower under the microscope.

Our dining room windowsill is covered in three different experiments.

We have loved the book on trees, the flower study book, and the flowers game that I purchased separately through TG&TB. The girls especially like playing the two different games with the same deck of flowers cards. Their favorite is the fast moving game Sunhat.

Since my oldest will be in high school biology next year, I decided to do a different activity than pressing wildflowers during the second lesson on flowers. The winter storm in Texas this year wiped out many of the early spring wildflowers. We will need to wait until later in the season to gather and press wildflowers. So, I made another reverse image diagram for our science aprons about the parts of a flower! I used the Avery iron-on transfer sheets again, however I let the iron sit too long and the fabric slightly yellowed underneath. Oops. The yellowing has faded, though. The girls colored the flowers so beautifully, it is not very noticeable at all now. I especially loved how my seventh grader used shading and blending with the Sharpies to shadows!

The cotton twill aprons work so much better than t-shirts for the iron-on transfer sheets, so we will continue to add new images to our aprons this year and next. This resource is available in my store here if you wish to add it to your botany unit as well.

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