Daily schedule

A Blessed Friday

It is an absolutely beautiful Friday! We spent the morning doing our Friday school work, but then spent a couple of hours outside in the sunshine this afternoon. Does it get any better than beautiful spring Fridays when homeschooling?

We began our day with an ending. We read the last story in our “Kingdom Tales” book. This book is actually a compilation of three books that we started reading occasionally two years ago. We still had the last book left this year, so we have been reading a chapter every Friday morning while the girls color in their printed Bible verses coloring books. I think we might start reading it again at the beginning soon, we loved it so.

Then, we played “I Love America J-I-N-G-O”, a bingo type game of U.S. trivia. I have no idea how old this game is. I inherited it from another retired homeschool teacher after her youngest graduated high school. However, it turned out to be a fantastic game and I can see us playing it frequently on Fridays for the rest of the year.

Next, we read “The Multiplying Menace Divides”, A Math Adventure book. Last week, we read “The Multiplying Menace”, and this book was even more entertaining. My ten year old loves the Math Adventure books, and the stories are entertaining and funny enough for my middle schoolers too.

After that, the kids grabbed their Life of Fred books and went off to work on two chapters. When my ten year old finished and we went over her work, we played several rounds of Speed. This game has been another favorite, and it has helped my kiddos memorize and master their multiplication facts. I love games that secretly teach!

Finally, the kids sat down to write letters to their pen pals. I need to order more stamps, as the last one was used today! I try to keep a supply of envelopes and fun stamps handy so the letters go out promptly. Ordering directly from the USPS website has been so easy and they arrive pretty quickly. Shipping is inexpensive, and we can order the cool stamps instead of just buying the regular stamps at the grocery store.

After lunch, we grabbed our water bottles and headed to Jacob’s Well Natural Area to join our homeschool group for a nature hike. The sun was shining and the weather was perfect! We stopped by the library on our way home to trade out books for the week. Homemade veggie pizza and a movie will round out our school week and start or weekend. It’s been such a blessed day! Truly thankful for the homeschooling life in Texas and the friends we share it with.


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