Making Plant Cell T-shirts for The Good and The Beautiful Botany Unit

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We are still working in our Kingdoms and Classification science unit from The Good and The Beautiful, however I have started planning fun activities for our next unit, Botany. In our current unit, we learned about cell structure and the functions of the different organelles. As I have a seventh and eight grader who will soon be in high school biology, I feel it will be important to review cells one more time before the end of the year. Luckily, plant cells are included in the Botany unit!

A previous post described how we used printable iron-on transfers and a labeled cell image I created to make lab aprons. The kids had a great time coloring in their cell organelles, so why not do it again with cells? Although, I think we will do t-shirts this time. So today, while we are in the middle of below-freezing cold snap in Texas with no place to go, I got to work on my plant cell t-shirt printable transfer (here at my TPT store).

I tested out the same Avery printable transfer sheets on a cotton blend t-shirt from my closet. It worked just as well as on the cotton twill aprons! I think any cotton fabric item would work, like bandanas, tote bags, pillow cases, etc. I recommend using a white or off-white fabric, as when I have tried on an aqua t-shirt, the outlines of the iron-on transfer sheet was more noticeable. I colored in the cell with permanent markers, just like we did with the aprons.

I’m also planning on making a diagram of plant and flower structures for us to add to our aprons to wear on flower dissection day. All of the images that I have created so far that are ready to print on iron transfer sheets to make your own shirts and aprons are available in the Hill Country Homeschooler at

You can also follow me on and get updates when new products, such as my future plant and flower diagrams, are added to the store.

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