Nature Study Monday: Rocks

Mondays are our Nature Study days. We usually go to a local area for a nature hike with a purpose of learning more about a specific topic. Topics may be from our Nature Notebooks, or we may pick our own topic and use some of the blank pages in the journal to draw, write, or attach specimens we gathered.

Today, we review the three main types of rocks and how they are formed. We used our small rock kit from The Bureau of Economic Geology to look at ten common rocks before heading to our favorite fossil hunting location, a dry creek bed in our neighborhood.

Texas rock kit from the Bureau of Economic Geology

We each picked up four different types of rocks, and a couple of fossils, of course.

A few rocks and fossils we found today

Once back home, we did our best to identify the samples we brought back and journal about them in the Nature Notebooks on pages 24-25.

Fossil hunting is one of our favorite Nature Study activities. We also go to local parks with the intent of identifying trees, comparing leaves, identifying wildflowers, or looking for birds or insects. Sometimes it can be hard to get out of the house, with a long to-do list on a Monday. It can be a challenge to gather the nature journals, field guides, colored pencils, and pack waters and snacks for an afternoon of walking. But, I have yet to regret the time we spend doing it. The fresh air, sunshine, exercise, laughter, and discovery always makes it well worthwhile.


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