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A Matching and Memory Game for Learning Cell Organelles

My kids love games. On Fridays, we historically play math games, but sometimes we add in geography games, logic games, or puzzles. I have decided to create a few games to use in science to help with learning vocabulary that my middle schoolers will be using again soon in high school biology. We just started Kingdoms and Classification by The Good and the Beautiful. I have another post about a few taxonomy resources I created, however I also want to share a matching and memory game I made to go with this unit on cell parts and their functions.

The cards are all on one page and can be printed in color, with the blue background, or in black and white. I printed one set of each, but printed the black and white version on orange cardstock. My plan is to use the blue cards as a matching activity, to match the organelle to its function, during the lesson, and then use the orange cards as a memory game.

Both activities should only add a few minutes to our instructional time, but hands-on activities definitely adds fun, and hopefully educational value. My kids are in fourth, seventh and eighth grades, so the game should fit in well with those grades. Since the game should only take a few minutes to match up the eight organelles and their functions, I plan to use the game to review a few times during the remainder of the unit.

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