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Fun cloud painting

This afternoon, we are mixing up shaving cream and white school glue to make clouds on blue cardstock. After reviewing types of clouds in our Children’s Weather Encyclopedia, we read Little Cloud by Eric Carle. The girls then mixed up their cloud paint, and shaped cloud pictures using plastic spoons and big paint brushes.

Easy to make, easy to do, and easy to clean up. When the pictures dry, they stay white and puffy. If, like us, you are running out of wall space to hang your cloud art, consider hanging the puffy pics on the ceiling.

This is a great time to also review the water cycle and where clouds come from. Watching the Magic School Bus episode on the water cycle, Wet All Over, is an easy way to review the how and why of water’s phase changes through the water cycle. You can also make a quick water cycle in a bag to help concrete the concept (works without the cup too, just mark the bag with a Sharpie, add a little water, seal and tape to a window). 

And then go paint more puffy white clouds.

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