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Field Trip: Homeschool Day at Bullock Museum

On this gorgeous February day, we packed our picnic basket and braved Austin traffic to attend the Homeschool Day event at Bullock Museum.

The event offered free admission to the museum. Parking was $8 for the attached garage, so still not a bad price to pay for our family of five to spend a day at a museum.

The Bullock is three levels of exhibits all centered around Texas History. There are two theaters, an Imax that offers 3-D movies, and the Texas Spirit theater, which offers a 4-D theater experience. We took advantage of special $4 event pricing to see Spirit- Star of Destiny, a quarter hour of condensed Texas history complete with a seat jolt “rattlesnake bite” and misting fans during the Galveston hurricane.
Homeschool day events are usually worth the drive for the free/reduced admission, and although we enjoyed our educational excursion today, since the exhibits at this museum did not change much from last year, I see this more of an every-other-year event for us.

Do you have a favotite museum? Do they have a Homeschool Day? If you do not know, send them an email or call them. Join their email list. If they do have a Homeschool Day, share with as many homeschoolers as you can on social media such Facebook, or even comment below. Educators and students showing up on their event days encourages institutions to implement future educational events and offer additional resources.


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