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I found a new PE idea!

My first grader loves GoNoodle.com. She and her sisters are set up as separate “classes”, according to their grade levels. I have not been not crazy about it, feel it is more of a time waster than an academically important use of technology, but I think that is about to change. I discovered they have short exercise videos for kiddos on their Play Channel.

Now, we do NOT sit inside all day. We play outside, go to parks and playgrounds, and get exercise. However, when it is rainy out it is nice to have an alternative other than the mini-trampoline they already use to get the energy out throughout the day. I found two video sections that I think we will particularly enjoy: Zumba Kids and Fresh Start Fitness. The only problem I see is that our Internet seems a little slooooooooooooow loading the videos, but the girls seem interested already. I just love finding easy new ideas to work into PE.


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