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School Day #137

IMG_5584Today is school day 137 of our first homeschool year. My pre-K daughter still has a little fever from the cold going through our house. My first grader is still coughing, but mainly over it. My poor second grader is coming down with it. And yet, we had school today.

We had calendar time and read about the history and traditions of St. Patrick’s Day, but took a break from practicing our Awana verses today, as there is no Awana this week due to spring break. We did our math assignment from Centre for Innovation in Mathematics Teaching and spelling practice from Then, we took a break to paint our toenails green, read “That’s What Leprechauns Do” and make a leprechaun craft. We also played an estimation game with green jelly candies I found at Dollar General, that turned out to taste like toothpaste. This was the first day in history that all my children agreed with me to throw away the candy.

Today was our science day, so we finished our human body unit by reading about reproduction, growth and care of our bodies in DK’s “First Encyclopedia of the Human Body”. We colored, cut and pasted a uterus and ovaries from “My Body” onto our life sized body posters. Since we added a different body system every week, our posters are pretty impressive after all these weeks! We finished up playing a round of an older game I found used on ebay, the “Somebody Board Game”.

After lunch, my older girls wrote chapter two of their novels. We are using this great program I found for National Novel Writing November. It is taking longer than I thought it would though, so we are rushing to write the whole five chapters this week! The curriculum can be found here at NaNoWriMo. National Novel Writing Month is actually in November, but we started in January. I told you it took us longer than I expected…

We also did our grammar lesson from First Language Lessons by Jessie Wise, read poetry and a literature selection from Ambleside Online, and the girls did their read-aloud assignment.

Apart from the juicy coughing and growing pile of used tissues, it was a pretty average day for us. Next week is our week off for the month, part of our year round calendar schedule. This post includes a decent sampling of the types of curricula we use and the basic flow of our day, however as any homeschooler can tell you, every day is different!


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